Preventing Accidents Bicycle In Urban Environments

Preventing Accidents Bicycle In Urban Environments
In the summer the beautiful sunshine many people go out with joy to ride a bike. Something very unpleasant it should be realized that it is important to understand and protect against the risk of bicycle accidents. Every year a bicycle accident cases is increasing, the same as the case of a car accident that number continues to grow. It should try to reduce the number of bicycle accidents with precautions.

Cycling on the streets is very complicated because the big city urban streets crowded every day is always congested with cars and other vehicles. Urban streets usually very busy every day it is not surprising frequent bike accident. To lower my risk of bicycle accidents in urban environments are as follows:

1. Always use the bike lane.
By the time you go whether it’s riding a bike to work or exercise using a bicycle ride always use the bike lane. This pathway is usually made by the government for bicycle users. The bike path is usually in the form of special mark special colored paint or no writing bike lane. When your city is no special lanes for bicycles, you can use the road near the sidewalk. Do not cycling on the road for bike usually runs slower than cars. When you are in the middle of the road, the risk of bicycle accidents is huge because you will be in the middle of the car in your appeal on the edge in deket sidewalk. Be careful when stopping at a red light, because it could be a car will turn to the right or left without seeing you who are riding bicycles.

2. Wear a safety helmet on your head.
In certain countries for bicycle helmets is mandatory, but most of the countries are not obliging. But although the rules in your state does not require, for the security of your head when riding a bike on the highway use the helmet. Bicycle helmets are usually different in form with a helmet that is used for a motorcycle, but the actual purpose of the helmet is the same, namely to the security of your head. Helmets are very useful in case of vehicle accidents and protects the head from collision resulting in brain injury. When not wearing a helmet, bicycle accidents are very dangerous and can head injury resulting in death. A study showed that people who ride a bike wearing a helmet reduces 85% of brain injury. By wearing a helmet when riding a bike can save your life in the event of a bicycle accident.

3. Do not fight Flow
To prevent the risk of bicycle accidents when you ride a bike do not fight the current. Cycling against the current is very dangerous, when you bersepda against the flow of many other riders from the opposite direction to you. Of the many people against you is most likely the person is not aware that you are running against the current is very large. And there was a bicycle accident is also large. They mostly when viewing the opposite currents drastically reactions and shock and difficult to perform braking and there was a bicycle accident. When braking suddenly, it will also interfere with the rider behind him and there was a rear-end collisions.

4. Put the lamp
To prevent the risk of another bike accident is install a flashing light. If your bike is not equipped with lights, immediately go to the store to buy a lamp to be mounted on a bicycle. It suapaya other motorists can see you even at night because kecelkaan bicycles occur at most other people do not see you cycling.

So how to prevent the risk of bicycle accidents. If you have a bicycle accident, immediately contact a bicycle accident lawyer.