Children Experiencing Life Birth Injury

Children Experiencing Life Birth Injury
Birth injury can be striking to anyone, including you. The lives of children who have birth injury vary depending on the level of the injury, its severity and the extensive damage that happened to the baby is born.

There are some babies will lead a normal life without the need for special expenses, but there are some cases have suffered injuries severe injuries that cause brain damage, physical disability so that they can not be educational, social, work and even to make a home.

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For home life for life generally have a birth injury that is not easy due to a weak motor. And to do that for their parents need to adapt to the behavior and change a few things at home to make the situation more lives would be accepted easily by the children who experienced birth injury.

There are many tools available that can be used in your house for adaptation to a child who suffered birth injuries. The equipment can be used for children who experienced birth injury is like shower chairs, toilet seats, wheelchairs and others in accordance with the level of disability.

Perhaps your child has a learning disability that is normal like other children because of factors of brain injury during birth injury, for that you have to put some equipment and set the space as well as the entrance and exit in such a way to be easily passed child birth injury. If your child is in walking wheelchair access road home should be created specifically to be passed with the equipment. Also put some equipment that is not easily broken so as not harmful to a child’s life birth injury.

Accessories additional treatment may be necessary for the daily life of child birth injury such as crutches or braces. Child birth injury when you use a wheelchair may he desperately needs additional accessories such as neck pillows, cushions. If you do not understand about additional accessories required by the child’s birth injury can seek advice occupational therapists.

Education is a special allowance purposes lightest of birth injury. But not all of them, because some children recover normally. But for children who experienced birth injury and physical disability who require additional assistance must be ensured that all of them must have special education. In addition to special education of children with disabilities birth injury should also have access to intervention and other services that help make them successful learning.

It is already set that individual education plan (IEP) ensure that every child has a physical or mental disability should have an individual learning plan to achieve their life better. The teachers know and understand how or suitable method for studying child birth injury.

Social interaction of children with disabilities since birth injury is very difficult to adapt normally. Some children birth injury should undergo belt in a wheelchair, not like other normal children who walk and even run.

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